Northern Shore Engagement

Erica + Taylor

Meeting these two was a breath of fresh air. Finding two people as playfully and joyfully in love as these two is an amazing thing. But knowing that they wanted to travel for their engagement session and are having their wedding next summer in their backyard in minneapolis? You know I’m all about it.

We met later than we were originally supposed to the morning of our session because it was supposed to rain originally. They showed up in the Subaru with a pup basically grinning from ear to ear. No joke, happiest dog ever. We stood next to the northern shore cliffs with wind so heavy it blew our hair into our eyes, and almost disoriented us. These two stood chest to chest, whispering things that the wind took away before I ever got to hear them. And I got to witness the silent love they share, despite the screaming wind and waves. When we got to the beach the shoes got left on shore, and these two got into the freezing water. Erica told me they did everything they would’ve done normally, if I hadn’t of been there. they had no idea how big that made my heart smile.