|| Should you elope? ||

Here’s 5 reasons why you may consider eloping.

You enjoy the intimate moments together rather than the big show.

I for one, totally feel this. Literally My only REQUIREMENT when we were talking engagement was, ‘please don’t do it around anyone, or make it a big scene!”, and we were thankfully on the same page. Tristan proposed on christmas night, when it was just us. we spent the whole night together after just crying and basking in that newly engaged sunshine. We ate pizza rolls + watched netflix together until we passed out, and it was perfect. If you feel moments best in a quiet setting, get married in one! Let’s go to a mountain in colorado, and have your best friend marry you next to a calm stream. you’ll get to have that moment together as your photographer captures all the happy tears.

You want to do something different.

You both have never been one for following tradition, and don’t see why your wedding should be traditional either. Not every couple dreams of getting married in the home town church, and having the first dance be in a poorly lit reception venue that everyone you know got married in. AND THAT’S OKAY.

The idea of a big wedding terrifies you.

The idea of having like 200+ people staring at you as you celebrate the most intimate day of your freaking life is not for everyone. I’ve talked with so many men + women who get sweaty hands just thinking of it. Like I get it, why would you want to spend the moments you say ‘I DO’ in a nervous sweat because you can feel aunt dora’s DISAPPROVING eyes piercing into your soul, all the way through your uncomfortable suit.

You love exploring together.

Dude yeah. have you guys traveled the world together? Are you at least trying to? have some of your greatest and favorite memories together been while you’re on an adventure? DID That trip you took to mt. hood in oregon last year that make you realize how in love you are? something about spending a week backpacking together with your closest friends bonded you in a way you can’t explain, and you’re dying to do it again. well that could be your wedding day. You could literally go to a country you’ve never been before, rent a hella cute airbnb and spend the week exploring + elope that friday morning at sunrise.

Weddings are EXPENSIVE. No matter how you dice it.

Take it from someone who got married $$$$$$

I loved every moment of our wedding, but dang it’s a lot of work + money. we had a fairly simple wedding, we had an alpaca named ramone, and got married in the woods. the craziest thing we were going to have was a coffee truck (which never showed up lol), and somehow it was still more expensive than i was emotionally prepared for.

Imagine spending $600 on plane tickets (ROUNDTRIP), $500 on a dress from BHLD, $20 on a shirt off amazon (tristan wore this exact shirt for our wedding), $40 on a marriage certificate, and hiring your favorite photographers + videographersto join you at ecola state park.

Pretty rad right?

If any of this gets you excited, message us! we love helping couples plan a super unique wedding day that’s reflective of who they are as people.

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Madison Streigle