The Jenos

Hey guys, Tristan and Madi here; two twenty-something year old newlyweds currently living in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Our hearts are set on traveling the world, meeting new people and making life buddies.

What we love about photography is that it allows us to follow all of our passions, still while making a living.



We love doing crazy things, and you'll literally always find us cracking up at our made up jokes, or reenacting a scene from the office. 

We've driven through the night too many times to count, live for adventure, and don't mind if we lose sleep over it. Our hammock basically lives in the back of our car, because we pop that baby up any chance we get.



We love to cook together in our small Minneapolis apartment, and our lil babe tucker usually gets fed a carrot or two in the process.

We’ve been married since September 16th, 2017 and it’s been the craziest thing we’ve done yet. we’ve traveled across the country together, with the subaru packed to the top with camping gear. Those are the days we’ll never forget.



We’re fans of Go-Fish, sweet friends, cold beers and cute puppies.


One of our favorite memories this year has been camping in moab or zion in our tent.

In moab, we cuddled hard with tucker wedged between us with his blanket, and we woke up with a ridiculous amount of sand in our mouth, hair ,and sleeping bags. During our stay in moab we were able to camp next to some great friends in their van, and it was the realest life moment

living Life is to make memories, and its never hit us as hard as it did as our road trip to california this fall. once you’ve traveled, you’ll never be able to live out your normal life, ‘normally’ again.



We believe in exploring


never settling for just okay

Let’s go somewhere you two have been dreaming of, Somewhere that leaves you breathless + starryeyed.



Hey guys! Truthfully you'll always find me with messy hair, coffee in my hand, and listening to songs on repeat until Tristan forces me to stop. I'm in love with long road trips, lots of coffee, fresh air,  70's and 80's rock,  and the sight of mountains in the distance.  Usually you'll find me binge watching Supernatural or The Office, riding motorcycles with Tristan, hanging out in a tree eating guac, or in a local coffee shop drinking my heart is content of coffee. I'm not scared of pushing my limits, and usually end up driving out of state last minute more than I would like to admit. I'm not scared to dream big, and live for once in a lifetime opportunities. You'll always see me planning our next adventure, and you'll probably get invited on one. If you're into anything I just wrote, I promise we'll prob be besties.




Life's been crazy since my family grew by two September of 2017; I married my beautiful wife and we took in a handsome little corgi pup. In my free time you'll typically find me behind a soundboard at our local church or in the shop fixing up my motorcycles. I love learning, and I have a new love for coffee (Madi finally won) thanks to my wife. Despite Madi trying to change me, I love a good Big Mac, fries and dr pepper, I'm a simple guy.  I’m the official side kick of this babe, and love meeting all the couples we get to meet and hang out with because of this business she started. I’m a beer guy and I’m always jamming to some soundgarden or red hot chilli peppers.



The Jenos