We love it, and encourage it.

The following locations are places we would love to visit and explore with another couple. If you can't tell, we kind of love traveling and exploring. If there’s somewhere on this list that really gets your heart racing, let us know and we’ll make it happen.


Qualifications for bucket list session

  • Planning an adventurous or intimate wedding (25 guests or less).

  • Time for some kicking portraits of the two of you

  • Madly in love, with a heart for travel

  • Must be down get a little dirty

  • Hella down for some good old fashioned hiking


Our bucket list

  • Lake Cresent, Washington

  • The Bad Lands, South Dakota

  • Moab, Utah

  • Devils postpile, California

  • Cannon Beach, Oregon

  • Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon

  • Rialto Beach, Washington

  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona

  • Garden of the Gods, Colorado

  • Joshua Tree Nation park, California

  • Jenny Lake, Wyoming

  • Zion National park, Utah

  • Golden Cathedral, Utah


2019 Travel dates



May || Spokane + La Push Beach + Seattle


Why travel for your session?

traveling is such a special + relationship building thing to do with your SIGNIFICANT other. the teamwork it requires to work a map proves my point.

Why settle for your normal home town photos? Instead let’s go to the trail in the rockys that you two confessed your love to each other on over spring break. Let’s go to the place you two have had up on the fridge for years.

there’s nothing quite like hiking to the top of a mountain to witness the sunrise with your babe.

untitled shoot-206-1-2.jpg

Some of the favorite moments in my life have been standing by an ocean with salt water soaking me down to my wool socks. I want to help you create your favorite moments.

We do that by allowing you two to love on each other unconditionally during our session. We're all about the touchy feely kind of love, and the funny voices we know you both make when it gets too late.

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I want to help create moments for you, and I'll be there to photograph the tears and hugs and never-ending giggles that make your love story unique.

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