The Jeno Collective

Intimate wedding + elopement photographers


What do we do?

We’re photographers for the wildly in love couples. We’re there to capture the moments you don’t want to forget.

If you like to travel the world, meet strangers and wake up at the butt crack of dawn in a tent, we'll be a perfect fit for you.

We’re the Jenos, two early 20’s kids raising a corgi in Minneapolis. We love the long walks down a snowy street decorated with Christmas lights + authentic tacos and margs on a Tuesday night kind of people.

We got married on September 16th, 2017, and had the raddest wedding with the most loving people and an alpaca named Ramone.

This is our little team.


We’re Here for the late nights, empty bottles of wine and cute dogs.


We’re a creative husband and wife duo located in Minneapolis.


Our goal is to capture the messy moments. If you're shooting with us, be prepared to get dirty, take your shoes off, be okay with messy hair, get down to some sick tunes, while Madi whips out the bad dance moves.

Does waking up at sunrise and making coffee over a fire make your heart beat faster? do you always seem to have a crazy chacos tan lines on your feet? we'll understand each other on a spiritual level. Enough said.


We’re for the couples who are passionate about adventures and loving each other fiercely. If you live for road trips and bad gas station food at midnight, message us. We want to hang out. we want to go camping with you and become lifelong friends.

Minneapolis backyard food truck wedding
Denver foothills couples engagement session

We’re all about the belly aching laughter, the late night dreamers, and those who’s hearts ache for more than the 9-5 kind of life.

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Your story is unique.


+ Your love story isn’t cookie cutter, so your photos shouldn’t be either.

+ Each couple gets a unique experience with us, because no two couples functions the same, has the same inside jokes, or makes their tacos the same.

+ As two people who tell bad jokes and dance in our underwear together, we understand that traditional posing and photos don’t represent us.

+ Our goal is to photograph you two loving how you love each other best, holding hands as tight as you do under the covers during scary movie night.

If you're wanting someone to just capture some posed images and never hear from them again, we may not be the best photographers for you. And that's okay, because you deserve the kind of photographer that you connect with.


For the couples who FOcus on the moment they say i do